Accreditation and standardisation weekly notice – 7 March 2022 (από την Eurolab)


  • Enclosed the notes from the EAAB Extraordinary Meeting on 19 January 2022  – Positions on IAF proposal for further development of the IAF CertSearch Database



  • Enclosed you can find the schedule for the IAF-ILAC mid-term meetings as well as registration information.
  • Enclosed an updated version of the FAQ’s for IAF CertSearch.
  • IAF-ILAC one organisation projects: enclosed you will find the latest updates and information regarding the current status of the one organisation project. The Steering Committee will determine the next steps, based on the proposals and information in these documents at their next meeting.


  • Following a recent ballot, the CASCO Strategic Directions 2022-2026 are now endorsed.  The document is attached for your information.
  • Enclosed the Circular letter – Opening of the DIS ballot – ISO/IEC 17043: ballot on the Draft International Standard (DIS) ISO/IEC 17043, Conformity assessment — General requirements for the competence of proficiency testing providers, will open on 2022-04-27 and close on 2022-07-20.
  • Enclosed a circular letter – NWIP Guidelines use of remote methods in conducting audits of MS: a New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) has been submitted by DIN for the development of ISO/IEC TS 17012, Guidelines for use of remote methods in conducting audits of management systems. The ballot has opened on 2022-03-04 and will close on 2022-05-27.